Key Components of the OnTrackNY Program

Key Components of the OnTrackNY Program

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OnTrackNY: The Development of a Coordinated Specialty Care Program for Individuals Experiencing Early Psychosis

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Study snapshot

This study describes the key components of the OnTrackNY program, including:

  1. Team composition
  2. Approach to treatment
  3. Ongoing training and evaluation.

Graphic depicting the OnTrackNY Team Composition

Graphic depicting the OnTrackNY treatment approaches

Graphic depicting OnTrackNY training & evaluation approach

Final thoughts

OnTrackNY is a coordinated specialty care program that delivers services to young people experiencing early psychosis. Treatment aims to help participants improve their mental health and achieve personal goals related to work, school, and relationships. 


1. Bello I, Lee R, Malinovsky I, Watkins L, Nossel I, Smith T, Ngo H, Birnbaum M, Marino L, Sederer LI, Radigan M, Gu G, Essock S, Dixon LB. OnTrackNY: The Development of a Coordinated Specialty Care Program for Individuals Experiencing Early Psychosis. Psychiatric Services. 2017 Apr 1; 68(4):318-320. doi:10.1176/ Epub 2016 Dec 15. 


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