Sometimes, experiencing changes in mental health can make it difficult to focus on the things that matter most, like friends, family, hobbies, school, and career goals. When this happens, it may feel like our lives have gone off track. It’s important to remember that there is hope. Teams like OnTrackNY support each person’s unique path to recovery, empowering them to make meaning of their experiences and pursue their goals for school, work, and relationships.

How to know if OnTrackNY may be right for you

Every person’s experience is unique, but there are a few common changes to look out for to help you know when to reach out for support, including:

  • changes in thinking, such as having new, unusual beliefs or feeling newly suspicious
  • changes in perceptions, such as hearing, seeing, or feeling things that others don’t
  • having new difficulty thinking, focusing, or concentrating
  • losing interest in activities you previously enjoyed, such as socializing with friends or other hobbies

For some, having these experiences, or similar ones, may feel unusual and even scary, while for others, it may feel positive and even exciting. These experiences might also come and go and change in intensity over time. At their most intense, shifts in emotional well-being can interfere with your ability to engage in the activities and/or relationships that are most important to you. 

If you relate to any of the experiences described above or if you are unsure about next steps, OnTrackNY teams are available to help you figure out if our services are right for you. Our goal is to support you in navigating these changes – whether that involves pursuing goals for school, your career, or your relationships with family, friends, or romantic partners. 

I have a whole team behind me who wants to help me go to school, help me go to work, help me get out of bed in the morning when I can't. Today, I have a lot more hope that I can live a full life. Even if days are hard, my future is in my control now -- before it didn't seem that way.

- Ambar, OnTrackNY Participant

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What does OnTrackNY do?

OnTrackNY teams support New Yorkers ages 16-30 years old experiencing unexpected changes in thinking or perceptions. Watch the video below to learn about our services and how OnTrackNY teams empower participants to make meaning of their experiences and pursue their goals for school, work & relationships.

Need help now?

Please be aware that this website is not monitored 24/7 and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Visit our Crisis Resources for immediate support options.

*If you believe your life, or the life of someone you know, is in danger, please call or text 988 for immediate support.

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